Berkeley Monart Classes – Tuition per Month (based on 4 weeks in a month) is calculated at the following rates:

  • One-Hour Classes: $21 each class, Normal month of 4 classes = $84.00
  • 1 ½ hour Classes: $26 each class, Normal month of 4 classes = $104.00
  • Two-Hour Classes: $31 each class, Normal month of 4 classes = $124.00

Enrollment is on a monthly basis

There are no terms or sessions involved. The class schedule stays pretty much the same year round. There are possible additional camps or special weekend workshops listed under the “Camps” link on the website.

Classes generally meet once a week and are ongoing throughout the academic year.

There will be no classes on National Holidays and we will prorate tuition on those days.

Tuition is prorated when you join mid-month.

I understand that missed classes may not be deducted from the tuition and that they may only be made-up due to extenuating circumstances as approved by the Portland Monart Office (not the individual teacher).

For previous Berkeley Monart/eduArts Studio students, we WILL be honoring the previous waitlists.

In order to keep your spot on that list, you MUST register your student for the next month’s class, whether it is online or not. Once you enroll, your space is held for you from month-to-month unless we receive written notice of withdrawal at least 2 weeks in advance. If you stop taking classes without prior notice, you will be responsible for paying that month’s tuition.

We will contact those on the waitlist when openings develop.

While we are under the State mandated “shelter in place”order, the next “month” class will be held online until such a time that sanctions are lifted. If this happens to be mid May, the 12 students with reserved spots in the Berkeley Monart/eduArts Studio will transfer to the “in person” classes at the Studio and the remaining students will continue online.