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You face a lot of choices in deciding how your children should divide their time between academic, developmental and fun activities. Monart provides the perfect balance. The Monart method develops strong concentration, comprehension, and observation skills that helps them learn; expands their knowledge through the use of specially designed projects that use drawing to teach and provides a fun place where they get to express themselves creatively. We’re convinced once your child attends just one of our classes…you’ll discover the difference it will make in their lives.

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Classes Taught by Mona Brookes and Staff
Founder of Monart and Author of Drawing with Children

We offer classes for children and adults
(beginning at 4 years old)

2020 Summer Camp Schedule and Enrollment

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This world-renown drawing program, started in 1979, has been taught to tens of thousands of students and teachers in public, private schools and in Monart franchised schools.

At Monart, we create a comfortable and non-competitive atmosphere, where anyone can experience the magic and joy of artistic expression. Each student receives enough structured guidance to be successful and enough freedom to…

…Discover the Monart difference!